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Friday night in Honor Oak


End of April sunset

The view from my bedroom as April comes to a close…that’s a third of the year done then…

Pop up shop in Soho

I’m selling some old 1965 records stock over at Soho Radio all this week…music from the past, present and future…

Raf Rundell live

I am a DJ, I am what I play

all you South East London types come and join me on Friday at The Honor Oak Pub …

1989….what a year

the Cravats and folk devils

this will be great night…very happy to be involved


Recent sunrises over Catford

Here are a few photos of sunrises taken from my bedroom window in deepest South East London

CCTV – bus 171, March 3, 2018

Morning Glory (13/02/2018) with Lawrence from Felt / Denim / Go-Kart Mozart

we had the pleasure of chatting to Lawrence last Tuesday on Soho Radio…we talked about Felt reissues and the new Go-Kart Mozart album…have a listen back here…