unlock your mind

Maximum Joy

one of my favourite bands from the early 1980’s are releasing a compilation very soon of a few of their singles from 1981-1982 – part of the Pop Group family they deserve to be heard by more people…this music still sounds fresh and relevant 35 or so years down the line…the album is called I Can’t Stand It On Quiet Nights – buy it and dance

Blythe Hill Tavern (slight return)

The sun was out so the local pub was calling….June 18th 2017 – what a scorcher..!!

unlock your mind on Soho Radio

here’s the show I did last Friday…no guests…just me, the lights and the music…

Raf Rundell – Shoppin’ for a Shaman

the boy Raf is busy this week…first the Sink Ya Teeth remix and now his own tripped out video for his latest single…


here are Sink Ya Teeth as remixed by Raf Daddy aka Raf Rundell aka Selfie Boy aka one of the 2 Bears aka one of my best mates…

Tooting, London – June 10th 2017

Election night in Peckham

Nadine Shah – Yes Men

time to vote labour…

Unlock Your Mind with James Endeacott (02/06/2017)

another friday afternoon in Soho armed with records from all over the globe…have a listen and ease yourself into any situation you desire…a little ramshackle but whatever…

AMOR – Paradise / In Love An Arc

the sound of Scotland is the sound of the summer…