“The Libertines” – Roger Sargent Tour Intro Hyde Park

by jamesendeacott

i took all this off youtube but i’m sure the boys in the band will be cool about it…the happy memories come flooding back…!!!! i must dig out those old pictures to put up here one day…

Due to popular demand the short film Roger Sargent edited as a visual history of the band and was screened before we walked out onto the stage in front of 65,000 fans at Hyde Park in the summer of 2014, is now here…
The fifteen minute short film is made up of old footage and photos from Roger Sargent’s extensive archive, including unheard interview footage from his acclaimed 2010 documentary “There Are No Innocent Bystanders” and footage from Libertines Alley in Bethnal Green. Along with unseen footage from our Freedom gig in Chatham at the Tap ’n’ Tin in 2003 (supplied by Dean Fragile) and footage from the bands original music videos by Gina Birch amongst others.

It was decided to make the film available now after you all asked to see it again. Roger adds “I made this short film to be shown before the Hyde Park show and wanted it to convey how important the band are, how much we missed them and how good it was too have them back.”

Thanks to our friend Roger