branchage festival 2014

by jamesendeacott

this summer is going on and on and on…not that i’m complaining – far from it. you know what the summer means to me don’t you..? it’s not shit bbq’s and warm beer on your neighbours patio…its music, late nights, good food, good people and having a laugh…you only really get all that at the great british summer festival. i’ve done a couple this year already – glastonbury and port eliot. both mind-blowing in their own way. this weekend i’m going to lounge on the farm in canterbury and then it’s green man in a couple of weeks and the festival no.6 in north wales at the start of september…

some would say that would be enough – i say pipe down my friends as there’s one place we must go to before the summer finally leaves us…jersey. thats right jersey. towards the end of september there’s going to one final flight into the festival orbit and it all happens in jersey…there’s film, music, talking and food and it all takes place on an island – what else is there to not like and get excited about..? check out branchage festival 2014

there are even special travel packages that include flights, festival passes and a whole mound of things….check it all out here…travel packages to branchage 2014

a heavenly records party, the radiophonic workshop, lost peter sellers films and a pop quiz curated by bob stanley are just some of the highlights…

now where did i put my ticket…??