THE SPECIALS – Rock Goes To College (Live 1979)

by jamesendeacott

its gone all rainy here in London Town….but at least it’s Friday afternoon and a time of reflection. Me and my friend Andy were just sat here thinking about stuff and he was telling me a great story about how him and a couple of mates were once having a drunken discussion about what was the best band Terry Hall was in…now we all know the Fun Boy 3 were brilliant and The Colourfield had their moments but lets be honest it has to be The Specials. Anyway Andy and his naughty mates decided to wind their ‘biggest Specials fan in the world’ mate up by trying to convince him that the bands Terry Hall were in just got better and better until hitting a creative peak with The Colourfields seminal 1987 album Deception. The joke turned a little sour when the friend stormed out of the pub vowing to never speak to his mates again….after about 30 minutes of apologies they all embraced each other and returned to the pub singing ‘Enjoy Yourself’….music is a passion my friends and it’s not to be messed with.

Andy also told me how watching this TV show as an 8 year old pretty much changed his life – its astonishing to be honest especially the little 10 year old rude boy towards the end dancing on stage in his light brown suit. badman.

enjoy yourself and watch this…