Loop live at ULU in 1988

by jamesendeacott

today is not only St. Patricks day its also my 49th birthday…that’s 49 my friends, that’s nearly 50 years old! Not sure about you but I do tend to reflect on my birthday…not in a ‘oh life is not what is was’ type of way but I try and remember what I used to do and how I used to feel. It get’s hard to pin point certain events to be honest, people and situations just merge into one foggy haze of smoke, alcohol and late nights.

Thank goodness then for my dear friend James Finch who documented much of our ‘early’ life through photographs and video film…

As you may know I was in a band called Loop in the late 1980’s. James used to travel around with us quite a lot always with a camera of some description in his hand. Recently he unearthed a load of film of us larking around in various places. Included was lots of Loop footage – gigs, backstage antics and general nonsense.

Loop supported the wonderful Butthole Surfers in February 1988 at ULU in London. I remember the day well – after our soundcheck we did an interview with a Scandinavian magazine – the interview took forever as the Butthole Surfers were sound checking at ear splitting volume and we kept darting off to watch and listen close up. The gig went well as far as I recall…here’s a clip of the soundcheck…there’s a lot of hair and we are all in black – of course we were. I’m the one with a shock of Orange hair – not quite The Man Who Fell To Earth but almost as skinny…

check out my friend James’s photographs here

and thanks to whoever it was who kept their ticket stub and posted it on the world wide web – i hope you don’t mind me re printing it here…

the clip is short – enjoy.