toffee sunday smash

by jamesendeacott

if you like british underground pop from the first psychedelic era then you’ll be doing twists and turns listening to these podcasts from the good people calling themselves Toffee Sunday Smash.

from what I can gather there was a series of about 30 of these about 5 or 6 years ago – they passed me by completely…anyway all the old ‘pods’ have been put up on mixcloud – that’s a lot of hours of fuzz, flashing lights and cups of tea. well worth investigating though – great music and informative to boot.

back to the present and Toffee Sunday Smash are back with what they are calling Volume 2 – and why not. There have been two episodes so far…one on Jan 22nd and the second on Feb 5th…here they are (number one at the top and number two just below it)…look out for episode 3 in a couple of weeks, tell your friends – tune in, turn…..oh whatever – just relax and let the music enter you.

i need to sleep.