8 days a week

by jamesendeacott

i remember this show from the mid 1980’s – not this particular one of course. it was a trip watching a 30 year old television programme and just seeing how little has changed really – apart from a few hairlines and waistlines…so here we have George Michael of Wham! talking about recording with Jerry Wexler, Morrissey being Morrissey and Tony Blackburn being just as I remember him…

The three of them and Guardian Journalist Robin Denselow discuss Everything But The Girl, the movie Breakdance, the history of Joy Division and the rise of the re-issue label.

its an amusing time capsule and nothing more. saying that there are worse ways to spend half an hour.

Morrissey, George Michael & Tony Blackburn review the latest Music, Film & literature
Video Courtesy of ‘Steve Soundsville International’ C/o
Hosted by Robin Denselow, First aired BBC2, Friday 25th May 1984.