sound and vision (slight return)

by jamesendeacott



here’s a great 10 minute documentary from 1976 about an elderly French woman who finally realises her dream and meets David Bowie. Its in French but not understanding a word takes nothing away from the magic. The woman describes how she first came across Bowie when she heard him perform in a London club when he was still a teenager named Davy Jones. She explains how she created a fan club, lending records to her students at church-school. The scene towards the end where she finally meets The Thin White Duke and they walk off into the distance with his arm around her should reduce you to tears….well make you smile at least.

there are some great clips from a show in Paris which i believe was 18th May 1976

for some reason YouTube will not let me embed the film so here it is

BOWIE 1976

and here she is again on the news in 1983

Natacha, doyenne des fans de David Bowie