Jef Gilson ~ Archives ~ Jazzman Records

by jamesendeacott

I fell in love with Jazzman Records a couple of years ago when they started putting out their Spiritual Jazz compilations. There have been 4 of them now…each one is a treasure trove of delights…you will never tire of them.
Jazzman Records pride themselves of digging deeper…and boy do they dig. check out their website here – jazzman records

Today they posted a short video about an upcoming release from Jef Gilson…check this video out and read what they have to say about the project.

Before Jef passed in 2012 he was kind enough to allow me to go through his personal archives which resulted in our ‘Best of Jef Gilson’ album. Since then I’ve finally managed to go through his lifelong accumulation of tapes, acetates, records, photos, posters and music paraphernalia which has resulted in Jef Gilson – Archives, an album of previously unreleased demos, alternate takes and lost sessions. It’s been a huge task requiring the assistance of many people and several months untangling tapes in the studio, but the results are definitely worth it.