the black horse and speed

by jamesendeacott

I’ve just come across this poster from 1987. The Black Horse was a pub in Camden that’s now a block of flats I believe. Jeff Barrett (Jeff ran a label called Head Records that Loop were signed to and went on to run Heavenly Records with Martin Kelly) used to put on gigs there before moving over the road to the Camden Falcon. The Black Horse was an amazing little pub with a metal spiral staircase going upstairs to the room where the gigs were…there was no stage but there was a stuffed Heron in a glass cage on the mantelpiece behind where you played. Loop played many gigs there with people like Biff Bang Pow, The House of Love and Happy Mondays.
The Speed Club happened in a place called Whispers and was at the top of Charing Cross Road opposite where the Astoria used to be. It was a dark and dank room that used to host several nights of fun before health and safety closed it down. The Speed Club was run by Douglas Hart who was the bass player in The Jesus and Mary Chain – as far as I recall it only ran for about 6 months but I may be wrong…I do remember our gig there was loud, loud, loud and if I’m correct we also got a glowing review from the NME…my mind is a bit foggy though…other bands I saw there included Primal Scream and The Revolving Paint Dream…
The Spinning single was the bands second single and the first recording I was involved with and came out as a 12″ and a 7″ with the song split over side a and b – just like Little Johnny Jewel by Television…It’s my favourite Loop tune…