loop – straight to your heart…

by jamesendeacott


So Loop really are coming back…seems a little odd to be writing about this after all these years. I’m sure to be going to at least one of these gigs – it’ll be a blast seeing them on stage. It’s been about 25 years since i played with them…no i will not be playing these dates…i can’t play guitar – never could to be fair.
Heres a great picture of the band that was taken in Lincoln back in about 1988 or was it 1987..? surprisingly enough i can’t remember. We look to be in full flight…all hair and fuzz pedals…My good friend Steve was at this gig and his pal Hunty took the photo…it was at a venue called the Croft Street community centre which has sadly just burnt down…read all about it here… Croft Street Fire