Nev Cottee – Oslo

by jamesendeacott

I believe today is the first day of Autumn…the summer is finally over. I’m sat here in Bloomsbury Square and all i can hear is rain, rain and more rain. I was starting to feel a bit miserable about the weather…especially as i know my adidas trainers have holes in their soles and there’s nothing worse than wet socks and feet as you’re walking around London looking for Sushi. The misery soon subsided when my pal Andy turned me onto this tune. Firstly it’s produced by a good friend of mine Carwyn from the band Colorama – Carwyn also plays with Edwyn Collins and is an all round top Welsh chap. I fell in love with the song straight away…there’s a bit of Lee Hazelwood in there and it also reminded me a little of the song Everybody’s Talkin – its sparse, intimate yet strangely uplifting. I’ll be honest i’d never heard of the singer Nev Cottee before so i started to search the information superhighway. It took me about 20 seconds to find out he used to be in the band Proud Mary…i know they were named after a Creedence Clearwater Revival song and were championed by Noel Gallagher – apart from that i know nothing. Probably a good thing to be fair…whatever he did in the past is whatever…this song is beautiful and it deserves to get played like billyo on the radio and work its way up the hit parade…i guess we can but dream. I believe its a taster from a forthcoming album..there are other tracks online but this for me is a bit special. Listen and spread the word…