speed of life – a mid 1980’s dinner party

by jamesendeacott

i’ve always had an air of sophistication about me…stop sniggering at the back. Here I am in Exmouth, Devon in about 1984 / 85….I was a student studying English and Drama – you can read more about it in my book…all you’ve got to do is pledge money – THE FAT WHITE DUKE – anyway back to the picture…thats john and angie on the right…they were a bit older than us and slightly more experienced in the ways of relaxation…thats vicky next to me and of course my buddy James Finch took the photo..
judging by the look on my face we were up to no good…the wine and beer was flowing, we probably ate a load of beans and rice and i reckon either Dylan or Lee Perry was on the record player…
amazing to think this picture is about 30 years old…i’m not really sure who i was back then…