Keys to your Heart

by jamesendeacott

The ever wonderful Heavenly Records opened a bar in central London about 15 years ago…it’s a tiny, well stocked place just north of Oxford Circus. I’ve had a lot of fun in that bar over the years – fun with various bands, friends and loved ones. I used to run a monthly Jazz night down there with my friend
James Oldham – it happened on the first Monday of every month for about 4 years. At the start the place was packed and we had some great people down there DJing for us…I remember Kieren Hebden (Fourtet) playing a set of North European Jazz from the early 70’s….Jason Pierce from Spiritualised once went all Spiritual on us (what else) and Gareth Sager (the pop group, rip rig and panic etc…) once played freaked out jazz while his buddy wandered around the bar playing his saxophone at a deafening volume….happy days. We called the night Impulse! after the label of course. We stopped due to a lack of interest…
Anyway….when the bar opened all those years ago you got given a
key ring…..the bar is called The Social and this is the very ring still in use…