the amazing snakeheads

by jamesendeacott

i stumbled into my house at about 11pm last night a little worse for wear to be fair…not a sensible Thursday night state to be in but so what…i had fun watching the wonderful Vision Fortune play outside an art gallery on the A2 in New Cross – i drank real ale and talked to the band for far too long telling them how brilliant they were…anyway. i’m at home and i notice a package from Domino Records…the lovely Jack had come up trumps…inside was the debut single (i think it’s their debut) from Glaswegian band The Amazing Snakeheads…this record has knocked me for 6…i mean its 64 seconds of terror and passion…there is more truth and beauty in those 64 seconds than most bands achieve in their whole career. i reviewed it last week on 6musics roundtable and gave it the radio thumbs up as did everyone else in the room to be fair…but hearing it last night when my mind was on another level and my eyes were wider than saucers it all made sense…im not being over dramatic when i say this is a very special record…it made me feel like i was hearing music for the first time…not just radio 1 music but music that screams and hollers at you…music that makes you stand up and pace the room like some caged animal…it stirs you up inside…yes it brought back memories of being 16 and hearing The Cramps for the first time or putting Junkyard on the record deck to scare my family…but this is not about reflection – its about NOW…buy the record…put it on your record deck – place the needle in the grooves and for the next 64 seconds everything will be as good as it ever gets…enjoy and then repeat until you explode…