“Gospel Yeh-Yeh”

by jamesendeacott

every now and again you discover a record that you can’t believe you missed first time around…years ago i would have lied and told you i’d been into it for ever but i’m older and slightly wiser these days…
last night driving back from fashionable east london to my home in deepest south east london i was aurally attacked by Make Up and their 1999 album Save Yourself…my buddy Mat just put it on and i was totally blown away by the soul, belief, filth and energy of what i was hearing…i tried to question why i didn’t know this album but then stopped, looked at myself and thought – so what…its here and that’s all that matters…
i was very pissed and high by the way. thankfully it sounded just as good this morning…get your ears around this my friends…go and listen to the album as well…there is a killer version of Hey Joe plus a bunch of other great tunes –