ladies and gentlemen…..Hookworms

by jamesendeacott

as i keep saying the world wide web is a wonderful hunting ground for finding out about new bands…you can look at their haircuts and listen to their scratchy guitars without getting out of bed…its also a good place to take other people words of advice, to listen and indulge. I listen to the voice of Alexis Petridis. He’s a journalist with a love of all things Psychedelic. When I wanted to know the best Hollies album to buy he helped me out…our paths have crossed a fair bit over the years and I always read what he’s written. Anyway I noticed a tweet of his the other day raving about a new band from Leeds called Hookworms. I am hooked. They are brilliant. I know little about them but will spend the day finding out who, what and where…in the meantime check this lot out…you may agree with me, you may not but it beats watching Thatchers funeral…Hookworms