easter everywhere

by jamesendeacott

so its that time of the year when we get days off work and the spring begins. Yes – its Easter. The time to tell your kids that a large rabbit is going to come and leave chocolate eggs in weird places around the house and garden. Its not the strangers you need to worry about kids its the large chocolate eating bunnies…what an odd tradition…it’s good to have time off though and reflect on the first quarter of the year. realise you’ve achieved nothing – ‘it only seems like 2 minutes since Christmas’ is a phrase you’ll hear a lot over the next couple of days. Easter makes me think of texan psych monsters the 13th floor elevators. Anyone who’s read any of this blog, knows me or has a pulse will know I adore the Elevators and their albums. The first one is a classic, not just in the realms of Psychedelia but in rock full stop. Their second is up there as well…people will argue that the second is better than the first blah blah – these people are obsessives and….hang on….anyway their second full length offering is called EASTER EVERYWHERE. Buy it. Its so from another world you’ll think you’re flying on a mushroom – or whatever.
I came across this album when i was in my early 20’s…i remember Julian Cope doing a great version of Levitation in the mid 80’s – around the time he called himself St Julian and hung out with toy cars and had a massive microphone stand that he swung from during his ever erratic and mindblowing gigs. Julian is a true psych master….more on him in the coming months…safe to say you should go and buy his new book called COPENDIUM – its beautifully written and shows how important music and passion are…god bless you JC – check his version of Levitation here…

I guess the most known track off the album is the opening one – Slip Inside This House…. famously covered by Primal Scream on their early 90’s classic Screamadelica…I’m lucky enough to know Primal Scream and I know how much they adore and cherish the 13th Floor Elevators…their version is sublime…they make it their own which i imagine is what all covers should do…I really am at one with The Scream. We are all brothers….here is their version of the Elevators classic – an amazing live version from 2010…turn on, tune in and psych out!!!

Happy Easter Everywhere…