happy birthday

by jamesendeacott

Today is St.Patricks day. For most people in the western world that means pretending you have Irish roots, wearing a silly hat that’s supposed to look like a pint of Stout and of course to get roaringly drunk. The 17th March for other people is just another day along the path that’s in front of them and depending on the day of the week is either a joy or a total bummer. For others it’s their Birthday. Yes I was born on St Patricks day. I’m 48 today. I reckon I’ve safely lived more than I’m going to live. What does a man of my age do on his birthday…? Well first things first I stay indoors as its pissing down with rain out there. I listened to Crystal Palace get beaten 3-0 by our rivals Brighton on the radio…i opened some lovely gifts from my family and i had an afternoon nap. I only know 3 other people who have their birthday today. One is Miles Kane who was born on my 21st birthday…we spent a lovely 17th March 3 years ago eating very expensive italian food in north london with his manager Iain, Alex Turner from the Arctic Monkeys and my wife Gillian. I remember Miles kept commenting on the firmness of Gills breasts. William Collins is another one. William is the ginger haired, smiley faced son of Edwyn Collins and Grace Maxwell. He’s a lovely kid…actually he’s a man now. I believe he’s 23 today. I remember he didn’t want an 18th birthday party because he wanted to attend my 43rd at the Windmill in Brixton – no idea why. The other is someone I don’t know and that’s Clare Grogan from Altered Images but I know she knows Edwyn so that’s sort of a link and she did sing a song called Happy Birthday.

Anyway to all the people who have a birthday today here’s Altered Images doing….

I mentioned i’d had some cool presents from my family well the 2 boys got me Kraftwerks Trans Europe Express on vinyl…something I’ve not owned for about 30 years…it sounds beautiful and is really one of the most essential albums of not only the 1970’s but EVER….here’s the original video for the title track….this is for people not having a birthday and for people who are.