trashbat dot com

by jamesendeacott

A few years ago I signed a band to 1965 records called The Metros. I loved that band. 5 oiks from south east london….they promised so much and delivered…delivered what? Well a half decent album and a load of memories…i’ve got tons of Metros stories i’ll tell ya one day. We went on a great trip to Japan and of course the Amsterdam visit was a hoot. The band were very young…i think 4 of the 5 of ’em were 17 when they signed on the dotted line. It all drifted off into nothingness by the end…the band barely in their 20’s. Just before it ended we went to Barcelona to play a show…I went over as well with my friend Raf. We were going to DJ…Raf (who is now one of The 2 Bears) went out under the moniker Raf Daddy and I of course wanted to be called The Fat White Duke. Anyway we got to the venue and looked for the bands dressing room…there it was with their name on the door and a selection of cold beers in the fridge. Raf and I looked to the side and spotted another door – it was our own dressing room. Get in! Live the dream! Our DJ names were posted on the door as well…hang on. The band were on the floor laughing with tears rolling down their face…the sign read ‘Raf Daddy and The Fat White’. That was it…the joke was lost on everyone and I was just Fat and White…

Anyway two of the Metros are back with a new band called Fat White Family. I love this song and the video is a laugh as well…i hope it does well for them. Cheeky fuckers calling their band that….