dreaming of you

by jamesendeacott

I often get asked what band I would’ve signed if I could…a band from the last 12/13 years and its always the same answer. The Coral. I saw so many of their early gigs and they were a truly psychedelic happening, a happening with some of the catchiest songs you’re ever likely to hear…I did work with them for about a year – and it was a real pleasure to get to know them and hang out with them…when i was working with them they’d just ‘lost’ one of their guitar players – a young, quiet chap called Bill Ryder-Jones. The band carried on and indeed carry on to this day. Soon they’ll get the true recognition they deserve. Bill however seemed to ride into the sunset never to be seen again…he kept popping up on the odd record though as a guest and i had a brief email chat with him several years ago….he seemed very happy and content but for me it was always a question of what could’ve been if he’d carried on making and writing his own music. Then a couple of years ago I found out he’d signed to Domino Records…he was putting out a soundtrack album – i’m not sure if there was an actual film or not. who cares? I listened and it was beautiful….serene with strings….still i wanted more…hard to please i know but…you know what it was worth the wait. I got an email over the weekend from my dear friend Laurence who runs Domino Records…check this out he said…a new video from Bill Ryder-Jones and an album due in April….very exciting. The song is wonderful…reminds me of Elliott Smith and the lyrics really touch the spot…the video is a love affair with Liverpool and the Wirral…Its great seeing the shot of my favourite Liverpool pub Ye Crack and of course Bill takes a ferry across the Mersey