The Stars (Are Out Tonight)

by jamesendeacott

the magazine he looks at has a still from ‘the man who fell to earth’…the band playing in his front room is fronted by a 1975 Bowie look a like…what with the last video going back to Berlin the Dame is trawling his own past for inspiration and colour…i can’t think of a better place to look. the new video then gets all sexy and i switched off…too much for this old heart to take.
I loved the last single but this reaches new heights…sung to perfection, lyrically challenging and the music sounds like music from the future…it could be his best work since Scary Monsters…i don’t want to get too excited or i’ll burst. enjoy…it’s funny as well this video – there’s a lot more humour in his work than people give him credit for…he’s cheeky that lad from south london…