north beach

by jamesendeacott

i went to this exhibition at the whitney museum of american art in the winter of 1995…i remember there was snow everywhere. after seeing the exhibition Gill and me hired a car and drove up to woodstock to spend the new year…the snow started to fall again as we were leaving the city and by the time we got to the catskill mountains there was piles of the stuff all over the place. woodstock looked like a picture postcard from the 1950’s…the christmas tree with lights in the town square just opposite a cafe that was playing some woodstock type band…the coffee was warm and the whisky hit the spot…the snow continued to fall but i was on a mission. in fact we both were…lets find the big pink. the famous house that dylan and the band rented in the mid 60’s…we must find it. i had no address and no one was out and about…i asked in various shops but was treated like an alien – maybe it was the accent or just them fed up with tourists looking for a house that some stoned hippies lived in 30 odd years ago…i had a brainwave. i took a trip to the local booksotre and found a book on the band…there in black and white was the address…off we go honey – lets tear this joint up. eventually we found the snow covered road that would lead us there…gill was nervous as the snow was getting thicker and our town car was starting to slip and slide…nothing would stop me now…suddenly – there it was…it was pink alright and it was big…i lost myself in my dreams for a few minutes and imagined playing baseball with the band and bob as they were taking a break from recording…the sun on our backs and the world at our feet. i woke from my daydream and spent the next 2 hours getting lost in the snow trying to find our b and b…good holiday that was…