dream of horses

by jamesendeacott

i got alerted to a great little movie about the scottish group Belle and Sebastian today. i’m not their biggest fan but i’ve always had a soft spot for their second album…this hour long documentary is about that album. i first came across the band in 1996 i believe…i was managing Tindersticks and we’d just moved into a rehearsal / office space just off old street in east london. we used to get sent records and gifts all the time…i remember the day i opened the 12″ mailer and pulled out a copy of the first belle and sebastian album called Tigermilk. the sleeve had a naked girl who looked to be breastfeeding a toy tiger…hence Tigermilk i guess. Anyway the record was ok but the letter that came with it was a joy. it was from the singer and main songwriter Stuart Murdoch. he was going on how much he loved tindersticks and that there were only 2 bands in the world his band would ever support…one was Felt and the other was Tindersticks – felt had split up years ago so it was up to us…moving on a couple of months and tindersticks did a week of shows at the ICA in central london. every night had a different theme and a different support band…we invited belle and sebastian to play the first night…they also played another night later in the week but that’s another story…i remember being so excited…they were my new favourite band. the second album had just come out i think or i had a pre release tape of it…i cant quite remember…what i do remember was that stuart was very excited all night and was wearing a big jumper with a cartoon face on the front…was it tin tin or was it mickey mouse..? i cant recall…also i loved chris the keyboard player…he looked the most rock n roll out of the band and he was wearing purple nail polish for no reason. they played amazingly and took the roof off..infact i never saw them play a better gig…and to top it all off i’d bumped into Lawrence from Felt earlier in the day and had persuaded him to come to the gig…he’d heard of both bands but had never actually heard either of them…introducing stuart from belle and sebastian to Lawrence from Felt was a great moment in my life…