Hall of Mirrors

by jamesendeacott

about 7 or 8 years ago a dear friend of mine had his 40th birthday. Nothing odd in that. He decided to have a party to celebrate the fact – again quite a normal reaction. The party was to be on a boat that went up and down the Thames…not the norm at all…and get this…it was fancy dress. We had to go as a pop/rock star from the last 40 years. Now I’m not big on fancy dress to be honest. I like being the centre of attention and making myself known but not through the medium of dress….usually it’s by being louder than anyone else and falling over better than all the rest. What to do….decisions, decisions. Then the master stroke…get 4 of us together and go as a band….we thought long and hard and then at last – kraftwerk. One of us went out and bought 4 pairs of identical trousers, black ties and white shirts that were to be dyed maroon. We would replicate the German foursome from their time as The Man Machine….yes yes yes…the day drew close and we told no one – this would be perfect….

24 hours before we boarded I had the horrors…my 3 band mates had dark hair…I was ginger, strawberry blonde, ginger blonde whatever…even my eyelashes and eye brows are fair…I would look like Krap Kraftwerk and nobody wants that. One solution. Hair dye and mascara…I loved it. It gave me strength….my kids (who were all pre teen at the time) were either scared or just didn’t believe it was me. I was a boy and i was swinging…

We got a cab to the river….I sat in the front and camped it up to the Indian driver. He wanted to talk about the cricket…did he not understand that your average German electronic innovator knows nothing of the gentlemen’s game?…I was in character….we all were…from what I remember we spent the whole night talking in comedy German accents… I fooled several people who couldn’t see though my disguise. It was a wonderful party that was topped off at 12 midnight….the DJ dropped ‘the model’ – the bands most well known tune. The four of us stopped whatever we were doing and turned to the dance floor…one by one, like robots on the march we arrived on the dance floor. Everyone else moved….our robotic dancing was a delight….we were the models and we were looking good….


thanks to Steve, Pepe and Gill xxx