walk like a man

by jamesendeacott

theres a new sound in town…the cats and the crazies are crawling the walls…cabs are being sent and lunches are being toyed and played with as the heads yak yak yak…yes its that time again…a band comes along and the core of the music business goes billy mental…falling over each other to get that extra 5 minutes more than the tool before you and the jerk coming next…the madness this time i feel is justified. The Ruen Brothers are in town…all the way from Scunthorpe, thats near Immingham, North Lincs in case you were confused…Rupert and Henry (plus their new pals on bass and drums that are as tight and exciting as JPJ and JB from LZ – ya follow?). i admit it – ive been part of the scramble and the dribbling and the gushing…my kness are sore and my hands are bleeding…me and mat fell at the quarter final stage i reckon…it was fun and, once again, educational getting dirty with my music bizz pals. it made me realise more and more who i am and what i believe in. it made me love music more and hate the business with more venom and anger than before…but you know what…it’s a drug and i will not give up. i will keep on searching for that lost chord…the one song, that perfect guitar line and the most heart wrenching melody.

i love the ruen brothers and am convinced they are going to be very popular…i wish i was working with them but i’m not. i tried…i really did. i wish them all the best in the world and boy will they need it…its like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder how i keep from going under…

enough yakking here’s Aces by The Ruen Brothers