locust abortion technician

by jamesendeacott

so jack white has got together with gibby haynes from the butthole surfers…everyone loves the butthole surfers. they rode the texan psychedelic train throughout most of the 1980’s and beyond…back in the day they were a live experience to behold…wave upon wave of sounds were thrown at the audience as the half naked band made a noise that sounded like the 13th floor elevators (the original texas psych heads) mixed with albert ayler and some other band that you’ve never heard of. The Butthole Surfers made records that you couldn’t describe or even listen to most times of the day. Every now and again though the stars and the lines and the tabs did collide and nothing else would do….

anyway enough of my yakking let’s boogie… the way is this the whole song or just an excerpt? who knows and who gives a monkeys…good to have Gibby back

here’s the full version…