…more of those bits from my diary

by jamesendeacott

So it’s Friday 4th February 1983….I’m 17 and for some reason I was back writing a diary..was it all Rimbaud and William Blake? Or a load of babble about girls..? You decide…word for word…nothing taken out or added…organic and free range…Rachael is my cousin by the way….

normal boring day at school. Only one thing Mandy is mega-fit. Went to Rachael’s in the evening after NO phone call from K about tomorrow. Rachael’s flat is really nice and we had a long chat. Went into town and saw loads of people we knew. Saw Jane Poole and asked her if K was going to town with Cathryn Riley for pressies and she said Yes. Bad News. But during our conversation she kept saying “I know” after everything I told her in other words K’s been telling her. Mmmm. Saw Bod and he paid Rachael and me into the Tramshed and we stayed there until 1ish. Linda was there and we had a good chat. Got to bed at 2.15ish. Why, why, why hasn’t K rung up to say she’s not going to town with me, or not? Fuck Nose.