Dear Diary…..again

by jamesendeacott

So lets see what I was up to on this day when I was aged 12 and 13….I promise I’ve not changed these at all…I will copy them as they are written on the page…

Monday January 30th 1978

today I got my football ’78 album. I stuck in 160 stickers. Gardner gave me a packet of crisps. I ate them in Geog.

Tuesday January 30th 1979

This morning I couldn’t speak because I had laryngitis (I also had a temp of 103). I didn’t go to school. I got up at about 12. This evening was the first night of “Joseph” it went much better than I thought and my voice was alright. I got chatting to Karen (quite a gal). Nicola Wood has told Sofie I’m going with her to the disco. I’ll have to do something about that.