the good gotta suffer for the bad

by jamesendeacott

i spent the weekend listening to a load of records as is the norm…what i ended up with on sunday night were two wonderful compilations on Jazzman Records called Spiritual Jazz – i have Volume 2 and Volume 3…they are beautiful albums…both doubles and both, dare i say it, spiritual, uplifting and both easy and hard on the senses…i don’t have volume 1 and i’ve heard its hard to get hold of on vinyl…e bay it is then…both compilations i have are subtitled Esoteric, modal and deep jazz from the European undergound they dates from the early 1960’s through to the mid ’70’s…i urge you to check these albums out…
in the meantime check this out….i was once again stumbling through the world wide web and came upon a soundcloud site for Jazzman Records…what a treat..i can get this stuff on my ‘phone as well…anyway within the maze of the most blissed and blessed out records around right now came a link to Spiritual Jazz Vol. 4…now i dont know if its out as a record yet or even if its coming out but what i do know is there’s about 2 hours of incredible music…this time from american Jazz types playing and recording in europe from 1963-1979…listen and dream my friends…it doesn’t get much better than this on a monday