Mary of the 4th form

by jamesendeacott

just been to a birthday party at the rivoli ballroom in crofton park, south east London – – an amazing venue…an old ballroom that on entering takes you back in time. There was a big band playing old jazz classics…it wasn’t Sinatra at the Sands in 66 but….you get my drift. Anyway I was hanging out with teachers….primary school teachers. They are an inspiration to us all….beautiful people who do a job not because it pays but because they love kids…they get so fucked around by the ‘man’ and who ever is in ‘charge’….I cannot put into words how much I respect and love these people….proper….real…I’ve seen two bands at this venue – both ‘private’ or ‘special’ shows…the white stripes and the kings of leon..they have nothing on teachers…..