new york, new york

by jamesendeacott



another letter from America…this time from the mouth of James Finch…one of the friends whos stuck by me through thick and thicker….i wish hed taken that photo above but i suspect he didnt – he prefers black and white….

“Amazing to see this snap shot. I was actually at that Antony and the Johnsons show, I bought a ticket just a couple of days before and must have got someones cancellation as it was a fine seat. Oct 13th 2005 Carnegie Hall NY. I was sat by an empty seat so a nice English gent asked if he could put his coat there, we chatted. He was Antony’s father and a perfect gent. The evening got stranger still when Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson took seats about two or three rows in front. Then Bowie arrived and they chatted in the aisle before the show. DB looked immaculate and fit and heathy. The Antony set was amazing, but the treat of the night was the Jimmy Scott interlude, 3 songs or so. Stunning, a singer’s singer. At the end of the show Antony’s father excused him self to get past me as he ‘had to go backstage to a party to meet his son’s friends’. Priceless. It was a wonderful evening.”