todays technology now

by jamesendeacott

theres an interview in the The Quietus with me, Grace and Edwyn….heres a link – but first one of my favourite stories of record company madness…all my own words…

JE: Years ago when I was managing Tidersticks and they were signed to Island Records they had a single out called ‘Bath Time’. The marketing guy at Island Records phoned me up and said ‘I’ve got a great idea James, marketing tool – I’m not talking towels, I’m talking rubber ducks. Rubber ducks with ‘bath time’ written on them’. I said ‘yeah whatever’ and put the phone down. An hour and half later, a knock on my office door and there’s a courier there who hands over this box, containing two different sorts of rubber ducks. I phoned this guy and he said ‘one’s slightly, slightly more yellow than the other’. The madness is that that bike would have been charged back to the band, so I’m spending my money on biking rubber ducks around London! That’s the madness of the major label world. Fucking rubber ducks on bikes! There’ll be none of that round here.