morning campers…its 1981 again

by jamesendeacott

i remember we only had tickets for the Saturday…we got the bus from Halifax which took over an hour to get to Leeds…found the venue. We were in plenty of time for the start. We always were…always had to see every band going….what was the point if you didn’t see every band? I do recall being very excited about seeing Altered Images – their Banshee produced single Dead Pop Stars was a big tune in my world at that time. Chatting away with my mates and getting excited i suddenly realised id left my bloody ticket at home – i ran to the bus stop – sat for over an hour cursing myself and everyone around me….got home, got the ticket and ran to get that bloody bus again….got to the venue just as Altered Images were finishing….i was almost in tears when i looked up and saw the man in the raincoat…yes it was him….it really was…Ian McCulloch looking like bowie/sinatra/cohen all rolled into one. I got his autograph and the light shone out of me again…theatre of hate were really good but it was the cramps that really blew me away. I’d never thought humans could look and act like that…incredible. The Bunnymen were of course fantastic as they always were around that time but boy it must’ve been hard following the Cramps….i never did get to see Altered Images.