a little conversation

by jamesendeacott

loads of new albums around at the moment. I’m digging the new Tame Impala album….Australian Lennon-esque psych mixed by the man behind
Mercury Rev and Flaming Lips. I even like the new Neil Young album…I’ve not listened to any of his new records since he was hanging out with sonic youth way back when. I saw a couple of videos on YouTube and decided to check the new album out. I’ve heard it’s a triple album. I like that. First tune is 27 minutes long – I like that as well. Neil sounds very happy and very reflective but most of all he sounds like Neil Young.
I’ve noticed Giorgio Moroder has been putting loads of tunes on Soundcloud recently…you really should check ’em out. Anyway it reminded me of this recent 12….produced by my pal Parrot….it’s a disco queen if ever I heard one…..go check it out. I can’t be arsed to find a link right now…here’s a picture of the label