it was ten years ago….yeah, right….

by jamesendeacott

…so Girls Aloud have been together for 10 years and are celebrating by getting back together, touring and releasing a greatest hits package…to be honest i never knew they’d even split up. Not that i would to be fair…they’ve never been part of my life. a good thing or a bad thing? who knows and who really cares. i’m OK without them in my life to be honest. They were in my life once though…about 10 years ago ironically enough. They had just won whatever reality TV show they were on…i think it was pop idol the rivals or something equally as clever. Anyway – and i’m not making this up. I was working at rough trade records and we were riding a wave of success with both The Strokes and The Libertines….The Libertines were going to be on Top of the Pops. It was a big deal…everyone watched or at least said they watched Top of the Pops – it was a national institution. The Libertines were going to be on there….very funny. I think they were going to be doing Time For Heroes but i may be mistaken. We went to the studio…the band, me and a couple of other people…we ran around BBC centre like children, getting lost and getting up to no good. Guess who was on the same show? In one my friend…no other than Girls Aloud. They were going to be ‘singing’ their debut smash Sound of the Underground. I remember me and Carl from The Libertines trying to catch their eye and enter into pointless conversation. The 5 girls looked like they’d just walked out of the local shopping arcade…slightly overweight, a bit spotty maybe – regular teenage girls to be honest. Seeing them today at their press conference its hard to believe those 5 shy but sweet girls became so massive that it warranted a press conference to tell the world of their return. Obviously me and Carl didn’t get within a grin of anywhere with the Aloud Girls – we soon turned our attention to The Cheeky Girls who were on the same show….now there’s another story.