where did that come from..?

by jamesendeacott

my grandma (on my mums side) used to live in a place called Riverdale House in Hebden Bridge – it sounds grand but was in fact a tiny 2 bedroomed flat. Her sister lived with her…she was called Annie but i never got on with her – she hated the fact i had a stutter. Anyway my grandma used to make the most amazing cheese and onion pie. We’d have it with mushy peas, that she’d have been steeping overnight, and gravy….yes gravy….beef gravy. i loved my grandma she was an angel…she died before her time thanks to a wanker driving a lorry…anyway she lives on through my daughter who i named after her.

cheese and onion pie…do i have to spell it out c h e e s e a n d o n i o n s – oh oh…..