with all the trmmings…?

by jamesendeacott

Whitstable is many things…its on the north east kent coast….near Faversham (where a fine pint of beer is brewed) and Margate (where mad Tracey’s from)…its the home of a castle where friends of mine once married…its one of the UK’s home of Oysters and its streets hold several fine places to eat. Its also 3 miles from where we keep our static. The lady and me have been coming to Whitstable for 20 years now….it used to be full of pound shops and closed down grocers however over the years its turned into Islington by Sea….the amount of delis, cheese shops and little fancy jewellery stalls is beyond belief….anyone I’m not gonna moan because our static is 3 miles away and we only venture in for one reason and one reason only these days. To get fish and chops from V.C.Jones. To eat in with mushy peas, 2 slices of bread and a cup of tea is the perfect way in my book…they do perfect Cod and Haddock…it is truly a wonderful eating experience. We went there last night….we smiled and ate. It was the closest I’ve been to heaven for a while.