…and while i’m on that subject…

by jamesendeacott

Donna Summer died yesterday – i only really know her Disco stuff and in fact i posted one of her tunes on here about a week or so ago. According to everyones favourite tabloid The Sun she died because she caught cancer from the dust that fell on NYC after the 9/11 attack. Basically a load of terrorists killed our Queen of Disco. What a load of old tosh.

another confusing thing today is why is the London chain of French sandwich shops called PAUL…? What a daft name to call a sandwich shop. What next..? a newsagent called JOHN. A chemist called GEORGE or even a bakers called RINGO.

I was on 6musics roundtable last night…it was a lot of fun…you can download a podcast from the BBC or even listen to it on their iplayer – or you could not bother at all.

tomorrow i will be mainly on a market stall selling AED Records, t shirts, mugs, postcards and there may even be some cake kicking around…