The View are on fire

by jamesendeacott


I actually thought it might be odd seeing The View last night but it was far from being odd. It was joyous and a lot of fun. I worked on their first 3 albums so it was a little weird hearing tracks from their soon to be realeased fourth album but hey ho I got over it. I bumped into the little scamps before the show and we cuddled and kissed and put the world to right. The View really are one of the most exciting bands i’ve ever worked with…they sometimes get a bad press as being Oiks from Dundee who just shout a lot and get pissed…there is that but theres’s also the songwriting skills of Kyle, the beauty of Webby and the sublime guitar playing of Pete – who looked fantastic last night with his Beatles mop top. After the show me and the lady took a stroll down Brick Lane and filled ourselves up with Dall and Rice…

god bless the boys from Dundee.