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Maisha – Welcome To A New Welcome EP

Maisha is a London-based Ensemble lead by drummer Jake Long playing original music inspired by the sounds of artists such as Alice Coltrane and Pharoah Sanders, fused with West African and Afro Beat Rhythms.

The EP, which was recorded live at South London arts event Good Evening/Royal Albert, has a rhythmic spiritual energy that radiates out of every beat and notes played.

“Welcome To A New Welcome” captures the raw intensity of the young musicians in this band who have come together with a common quest… to touch your soul.

Unlock Your Mind with James Endeacott (23/09/2016)

i did the second of my bi-weekly shows on Soho Radio last friday afternoon…i had the wonderful Grumbling Fur in as guests – we played tracks from their new album and they brought along some of their favourite records…despite a few problems with microphones, me playing 2 records at once and forgetting to tell people what the tunes were half the time we had a blast….listen back here and get lost in music…

September sunrise in Catford

The view from my bedroom window at 6.58 this morning

Raf Rundell – Right Time (From the Adventures of Selfie Boy)

this is worth watching – filmed in Margate…

Catford by night

Mad skies over south east London – September 16th 2016 about 18.30….

The French House

The French House, Dean Street, Soho, London- it’s still there and it’s still going strong – couple of snaps from earlier this evening 

Unlock Your Mind with James Endeacott (09/09/2016)

the first of my friday afternoon shows on Soho Radio was a hoot…my brother in arms Raf turned up an we played a mixture of young, old, past and present….dive in and enjoy….

One Step Beyond

Floating Dreams

Floating Dreams by Ik-Joong Kang is a three-story high cube, constructed from 500 miniature drawings and lit from inside. Ik-joong Kang spoke to people who fled from North to South Korea during the war. Now in their 80’s and 90’s he asked them to draw what they remember of their home town. The images make up this memorial as it floats on the River Thames next to the Millennium Bridge.

This photograph was taken on Saturday 3rd September 2016.

The Poetry Club, Glasgow

One of the highlights of my trip to Glasgow was seeing old friends Jason Macphail and Jim Lambie. I’ve known Jim for about 30 years – we first met when he was in a band called The Boy Hairdressers way back in the 1980’s…Jim is now a successful artist and along with Jason help run The Poetry Club. Situated under a railway line down by the river Clyde The Poetry Club has become one of the most exciting and innovative bars/venues/art spaces in Britain. If you’re ever in Glasgow do try to pop in and catch a show/reading/exhibition….here are a few photos that gave a little flavour of the place….big thanks to Jim and Jason for the coffee, records and good times.