unlock your mind

The Quietus Hour 47: A Special With James Endeacott

I really enjoyed this chat with John from The Quietus…

Party in Catford

I celebrated my 25th wedding anniversary last weekend with a gathering of the tribes in deepest south east London…

spiritland and soho radio

last week I did a four and a half hour set at the wonderful Spiritland in Kings Cross and a radio show in Soho where I was joined by Kyle from Earth records and we had a folk love in…enjoy it all again here and remember not to nod off…

Thursday night in south east London – July 20 2017

LES FLEUR DE LYS – ‘Circles’

i will never get bored of this

Spiritland in August

I’m looking forward to this…


Some pictures

Nadine Shah – Holiday Destination

here’s the title track from the new Nadine Shah album…

Unlock Your Mind (30/06/2017)

I did a rather chaotic show last week with my old friend Andy Perry…we chatted and played music. Standard. Next.

wesley fuller – #1 song

Australian power pop anyone…?