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It was 40 years ago today 

Unlock Your Mind with James Endeacott (06/10/2017)

just an hour of music with no talk this week…

David Bowie, Iggy Pop, and Ivan Kral in Berlin, 1979

Peckham Rye railway station

Harry Dean Stanton again

Harry Dean Stanton

I named my first child Travis after the Harry Dean Stanton character in Paris Texas – I have always fucking loved Harry Dean Stanton – I met him at Nick Caves meltdown years ago – he was too cool for words….
I know he’s having a better time than we are right now 

Stop Lying

Insecure Men – Subaru Nights

i’ve known Saul for about 10 years now and this could be the best thing he’s ever recorded…great name for a band as well…

Quote of the day